Choosing The Perfect Backdrops For Your Wedding Photo Booth


Weddings are the perfect occasions to reconnect with family and friends as well as make new acquaintances. This is especially true for families that are live far away from one another. Photos are an excellent way to memorialise these gatherings.

A fairly recent trend celebrates this making way for photos to be more personalised. Rather than solely focusing on traditional photographers in weddings, more couples see photo booths as excellent alternatives. Not only do their guests get entertained but they also get a great souvenir in the process.
Aside from the number of prints you want, you also have to choose the perfect photo backdrop for your photo booth. Luckily, we’ve come up with some ideas for you to choose from.

1. Wedding Colours
Integrating your wedding colours into the photo booth will definitely tie everything in your wedding together. Some wedding photography packages in Singapore allow you to have your background personalised. Search different patterns that work well with your wedding as well as your wedding colours. Do note the material of the backdrop to make adjustments to the colour as revisions to design may cost you. To take it a step further have some props custom made for the occasion. Note: some packages also include this.

2. Photos of the Couple
By including your photos into the background, you can share these memories with guests. Customise a backdrop to include photos of you and your partner. Plus, it will also make the photos an excellent reminder of what occasion they attended. Assemble the photos as a collage as you would a big scrap book. To make it more nostalgic, include baby pictures in the mix. It is an excellent way for new families to get to know one another.

3. Green Screen
A new trend that is emerging is the use of green screen. It is an eco-friendly backdrop for your wedding photo booth. Most wedding photo booths in Singapore have this service. Kids and adults will love it because they make you view it as it happens. You can choose multiple background photos for your backdrop. You can make it anything so long as you have the right file size. Make sure you have props for the backgrounds you do choose.

4. Real Backdrop
If you have a photo booth at a wedding in Singapore, chances are you are using a two-dimensional backdrop. However, real backdrops are also great alternatives. It is perfect for couples who are unconventional and like to break away from the rest. This is where you can truly have it designed like your theme. If you have a beach wedding, you can put in surf boards, tropical furniture, etc. It is generally a lot more work than the rest but your guests will surely enjoy getting themselves photographed in the backdrop.

Photo booths are truly excellent way to memorialise your wedding day. By choosing the right backdrop, you will surely enjoy all the photos from the booth. Do you have other wedding photo booth ideas? We’d love to read them in the comments below.


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