5 Types of Bags Every Woman Should Own

A bag is an everyday essential thing you bring with you wherever you go. It comes in different colours, shapes, styles, designs and more. With its variety, people especially women are so fond of collecting bags. If bag collection is not your interest, you should at least have some styles that every woman should own, yes, at least one of each type.


Sometimes you just have to grab your bags with various stuff and leave, but one bag is not going to make it. With this, make it a point that you have its variety to get you ready in times of need. If you’re not sure which type of bags you don’t have in your closet or in your room, then here are the complete list every woman should own.

  • The Daily Bag

For your everyday bag, choose a simple but smart one for school or work that is stylish enough for you to flaunt around like leather bags in Singapore. But before buying online bags in Singapore¬†or investing in a bag you prefer, think of your everyday load, and select a style that can handle all your necessary belongings. If you rarely bring with you your laptop, then don’t pick its similar size. Too big bag invites overstuffing.

  • The Cross-body Bag

For casual or weekend events, let your daily bag rest (don’t forget to store it properly) and use the cross-body bag which is so perfect for a relaxing stroll or window shopping at the mall. You can wear this across your trunk or over the shoulder. This style leaves your hands free so you could use it to hold or check other things like browsing a reading material in a bookstore. Good fitting ladies shoes in Singapore will be very helpful with this activity.

  • The Day Clutch

A day clutch is stereotyped as a formal pint size bag that is used for an evening event. Don’t be trap on this belief. Nowadays, clutches come large and can hold a phone, a wallet, a gadget, and even your pair of foldable shoes.

  • The Tote Bag

A roomy tote bag in Singapore is considered as the most practical of all styles. Its open-top shape is very handy. You can use it as carry-on or as a bag you can easily bring around. A tip, keep away from bold colours or printed designs in favour of neutral because the other style will keep getting better with use.

  • The Weekender Bag

Adult or working people frequently bring with them a practical bag that is ready for use in case there is a quick getaway over the weekend. Whether your bag involves tossing it into the car trunk or sliding something into it, a weekender bag with straps that can be put over your shoulder is a wise way to go.