Common Types of Handbag Materials

Handbags are considered to be a staple item on every woman’s closet. We can use it when shopping, going to the office, and even for attending events. It is available in wide range of colours, designs, styles, and even made out of different materials. If you are planning to buy a handbag but still contemplating which material to choose, below are some of the common ones and their description to help you pick the right one that will fit for your budget and style.


  • Cotton

One of the cheapest materials used for making handbags is the cotton. It has usually a cheap quality that is why you can buy it for a cheap price. Despite of this, many consumers still prefer cotton handbags Singapore because it is available in wide range of designs, colours, and even patterns. The designs can be unique because it is easy to print patterns on a cotton fabric. Cotton handbags are usually decorated with embellishments like studs, laces, beads, stones, and other types that can make the handbag look more beautiful and stylish. It is also a lightweight material that can also be used in making other types of bags such as backpacks, messenger bag, and eco-bags. However, if you decide to pick a cotton handbag, do not expect that it will last long because the material itself is not considered to be durable. In addition, it is not resistant to water and stain so you have to make sure that you take care of it.

  • Leather

Leather bags Singapore is probably the most wanted by many women to have in their closet. It is because this bag material is very classy and stylish. Handbags made out of leather can be used as everyday bag and even for occasions. The durability of this material is superb which is why it can be a bit expensive. There are different types of leather material that is available in different prices. It is a durable and water resistant material. It can be matched with any type of clothing and it is available in wide range of designs and styles. Leather is also often used in making tote bags, clutches, and messenger bag. Its elegant and classy look will make you feel that your money is worth it. The leather material is also known to be less stained and cannot easily be torn because of its strength and durability. Just make sure that you take care of your bag and place it in a room temperature to avoid the material to peel off.

  • Synthetic

If you buy bags online, you will see wide range of handbags made out of synthetic materials. The types of synthetic materials include nylon, acrylic, polyester, polyester blends, ozone, and spandex. Although it is not a natural fibre because it is man-made, this type of bag material can be easy to care. Some types of synthetic fabrics are also resistant to water and stain such as nylon. The price of handbags made out of this type of material is affordable but it might not last long because it is not that durable compare to other materials such as leather. If you want a handbag made out of synthetic material, make sure you know which type of synthetic material it is because the cleaning and care process can be different compared to another.


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