A Quick Guide For The Best Bag Shopping Destination in Singapore

Like most of the girls all around the world, Singaporeans are fond of shopping and spending their hard earned money just to satisfy their wants or needs. Being a country which mainly composes of middle to upper class society, they are relatively into buying items and stuffs which suffices their simple happiness in life. Life is dull and boring if they do not have the latest bags and shoes that can complete their everyday look.


However, as we all know, shopping is not cheap in Singapore. Even if they are excited to hit those stores, whether it is a signature brand or not, it is advisable not to be impulsive and do some exploration on where to find the perfect store for their budget. Fashion doesn’t need for anyone to break their bank accounts just to achieve a certain bag, shoes or skirt.


The good news lies on the fact that there are places around this tiny city state where we can purchase bags at a relatively lower price. In this article, we will present some spots wherein we can grab pretty affordable bags without exceeding our target cost. Doing those handbags Singapore shopping without the stress and hassle of researching is our pleasure through this list. Let’s admit it; even with the sudden rise of online bags in Singapore concept, nothing beats the thrill and excitement of visiting a physical store.


Here are some of the best destinations around the lion city on where to get those lovely bags.

1.)    Far East Plaza – Here is the go to place in Orchard Road to look for inexpensive yet stylish bags. The building consists of 6 floors which has a lot of bargain deals ranging from as low as 15 Singaporean dollars which is quite a steal already.

2.)    Luxury City – Strategically located near a MRT Station from its two branches, this particular luxury store offers premium brands such as Burberry that are discounted up to a whopping 70% discount. There is no need to browse bags online in Singapore if we have this kind of store that is waiting to be discovered.

3.)    Bugis Street – This bargain paradise in Singapore will always be considered as a haven for low-priced trendy bags and other fashion items. The only challenge that both local and foreign shoppers should overcome is the influx of people during weekends and holidays.

4.)    Mustafa Centre – The second level of this renowned 24/7 mega complex houses the ladies bags and luggage area where we can pick out some awesome deals around town.

5.)    Premium Outlets in Johor Bahru, Malaysia – Located just within the border of Singapore which can take around less than an hour from the city center is the haven of luxury brands of bags from Chanel to Louis Vuitton, name it and they have it at a reasonable price.


Looking for that perfect bag for our future get up isn’t a problem anymore. Simply allocate some time to visit these listed locations in Singapore and next thing we know, we are so damn ready to strut our stuff to everyone.