A Quick Guide For The Best Bag Shopping Destination in Singapore

Like most of the girls all around the world, Singaporeans are fond of shopping and spending their hard earned money just to satisfy their wants or needs. Being a country which mainly composes of middle to upper class society, they are relatively into buying items and stuffs which suffices their simple happiness in life. Life is dull and boring if they do not have the latest bags and shoes that can complete their everyday look.


However, as we all know, shopping is not cheap in Singapore. Even if they are excited to hit those stores, whether it is a signature brand or not, it is advisable not to be impulsive and do some exploration on where to find the perfect store for their budget. Fashion doesn’t need for anyone to break their bank accounts just to achieve a certain bag, shoes or skirt.


The good news lies on the fact that there are places around this tiny city state where we can purchase bags at a relatively lower price. In this article, we will present some spots wherein we can grab pretty affordable bags without exceeding our target cost. Doing those handbags Singapore shopping without the stress and hassle of researching is our pleasure through this list. Let’s admit it; even with the sudden rise of online bags in Singapore concept, nothing beats the thrill and excitement of visiting a physical store.


Here are some of the best destinations around the lion city on where to get those lovely bags.

1.)    Far East Plaza – Here is the go to place in Orchard Road to look for inexpensive yet stylish bags. The building consists of 6 floors which has a lot of bargain deals ranging from as low as 15 Singaporean dollars which is quite a steal already.

2.)    Luxury City – Strategically located near a MRT Station from its two branches, this particular luxury store offers premium brands such as Burberry that are discounted up to a whopping 70% discount. There is no need to browse bags online in Singapore if we have this kind of store that is waiting to be discovered.

3.)    Bugis Street – This bargain paradise in Singapore will always be considered as a haven for low-priced trendy bags and other fashion items. The only challenge that both local and foreign shoppers should overcome is the influx of people during weekends and holidays.

4.)    Mustafa Centre – The second level of this renowned 24/7 mega complex houses the ladies bags and luggage area where we can pick out some awesome deals around town.

5.)    Premium Outlets in Johor Bahru, Malaysia – Located just within the border of Singapore which can take around less than an hour from the city center is the haven of luxury brands of bags from Chanel to Louis Vuitton, name it and they have it at a reasonable price.


Looking for that perfect bag for our future get up isn’t a problem anymore. Simply allocate some time to visit these listed locations in Singapore and next thing we know, we are so damn ready to strut our stuff to everyone.


Common Types of Handbag Materials

Handbags are considered to be a staple item on every woman’s closet. We can use it when shopping, going to the office, and even for attending events. It is available in wide range of colours, designs, styles, and even made out of different materials. If you are planning to buy a handbag but still contemplating which material to choose, below are some of the common ones and their description to help you pick the right one that will fit for your budget and style.


  • Cotton

One of the cheapest materials used for making handbags is the cotton. It has usually a cheap quality that is why you can buy it for a cheap price. Despite of this, many consumers still prefer cotton handbags Singapore because it is available in wide range of designs, colours, and even patterns. The designs can be unique because it is easy to print patterns on a cotton fabric. Cotton handbags are usually decorated with embellishments like studs, laces, beads, stones, and other types that can make the handbag look more beautiful and stylish. It is also a lightweight material that can also be used in making other types of bags such as backpacks, messenger bag, and eco-bags. However, if you decide to pick a cotton handbag, do not expect that it will last long because the material itself is not considered to be durable. In addition, it is not resistant to water and stain so you have to make sure that you take care of it.

  • Leather

Leather bags Singapore is probably the most wanted by many women to have in their closet. It is because this bag material is very classy and stylish. Handbags made out of leather can be used as everyday bag and even for occasions. The durability of this material is superb which is why it can be a bit expensive. There are different types of leather material that is available in different prices. It is a durable and water resistant material. It can be matched with any type of clothing and it is available in wide range of designs and styles. Leather is also often used in making tote bags, clutches, and messenger bag. Its elegant and classy look will make you feel that your money is worth it. The leather material is also known to be less stained and cannot easily be torn because of its strength and durability. Just make sure that you take care of your bag and place it in a room temperature to avoid the material to peel off.

  • Synthetic

If you buy bags online, you will see wide range of handbags made out of synthetic materials. The types of synthetic materials include nylon, acrylic, polyester, polyester blends, ozone, and spandex. Although it is not a natural fibre because it is man-made, this type of bag material can be easy to care. Some types of synthetic fabrics are also resistant to water and stain such as nylon. The price of handbags made out of this type of material is affordable but it might not last long because it is not that durable compare to other materials such as leather. If you want a handbag made out of synthetic material, make sure you know which type of synthetic material it is because the cleaning and care process can be different compared to another.

5 Types of Bags Every Woman Should Own

A bag is an everyday essential thing you bring with you wherever you go. It comes in different colours, shapes, styles, designs and more. With its variety, people especially women are so fond of collecting bags. If bag collection is not your interest, you should at least have some styles that every woman should own, yes, at least one of each type.


Sometimes you just have to grab your bags with various stuff and leave, but one bag is not going to make it. With this, make it a point that you have its variety to get you ready in times of need. If you’re not sure which type of bags you don’t have in your closet or in your room, then here are the complete list every woman should own.

  • The Daily Bag

For your everyday bag, choose a simple but smart one for school or work that is stylish enough for you to flaunt around like leather bags in Singapore. But before buying online bags in Singapore or investing in a bag you prefer, think of your everyday load, and select a style that can handle all your necessary belongings. If you rarely bring with you your laptop, then don’t pick its similar size. Too big bag invites overstuffing.

  • The Cross-body Bag

For casual or weekend events, let your daily bag rest (don’t forget to store it properly) and use the cross-body bag which is so perfect for a relaxing stroll or window shopping at the mall. You can wear this across your trunk or over the shoulder. This style leaves your hands free so you could use it to hold or check other things like browsing a reading material in a bookstore. Good fitting ladies shoes in Singapore will be very helpful with this activity.

  • The Day Clutch

A day clutch is stereotyped as a formal pint size bag that is used for an evening event. Don’t be trap on this belief. Nowadays, clutches come large and can hold a phone, a wallet, a gadget, and even your pair of foldable shoes.

  • The Tote Bag

A roomy tote bag in Singapore is considered as the most practical of all styles. Its open-top shape is very handy. You can use it as carry-on or as a bag you can easily bring around. A tip, keep away from bold colours or printed designs in favour of neutral because the other style will keep getting better with use.

  • The Weekender Bag

Adult or working people frequently bring with them a practical bag that is ready for use in case there is a quick getaway over the weekend. Whether your bag involves tossing it into the car trunk or sliding something into it, a weekender bag with straps that can be put over your shoulder is a wise way to go.

Fundamental Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying Bags Online

Shopping Online

Do you want to know why online shopping has become a very popular thing in the recent years? Why do people love to go online (not just for social media purposes) but browse through various online shops and make purchases? Well, there are many reasons associated with its immense popularity, and one of which is the large number of products for sale. From shoes to dress and books to furniture, anything you can imagine is being sold online. Moreover, the convenience it brings to people who don’t have the time to go to the mall is a big factor. Now, they can shop whenever and wherever they are.

Though there may be many products for sale online, one of the most popular products is bags. Yes, it may be true that some opt to see the bags in person to have a feel of the material and more, most people prefer to buy theirs online. If you will search on the Internet, you will see numerous online shops vying for your attention to browse through and buy their products. For a seasoned online shopper living in Singapore, it will be easy to pick a legit shop to buy bags. But if not, then you will need tips that can help you shop for bags online in Singapore based company has to offer.

  1. Ask for recommendations from family and friends. Most often than not, they have already made purchases from this or that online shop and are able to discern which are the good shops from the bad. Seek their advice if you found an online shop with great products if they already bought from there and what can they say about the product quality, delivery process and customer service. All these factors can have an effect in your online bags in Singapore based shopping experience.
  2. Take a look at the comments given by previous customers about the online shop. If you go online, you will no doubt be presented with a list of shops that sell the products you want. However, it’s worth-it to take a look at the reviews given by past customers to see what they have to say. If you come across countless of negative reviews, then it’s a sign to look elsewhere. But make sure you do you thorough research as some may just be posted to spread negative things about the shop.
  3. Compare and contrast the prices of the bags. Just like what you do what you do when you buy gadgets online, it is essential that you do your research and compare the prices of leather bags in Singapore based online shop has on offer. It is not wise to add it into your cart without reading the description and comparing the same product’s price to other shops. If you want to save money but still get a quality bag, search and compare prices. Shop B may be selling the same product Shop A has at a price you can better afford.

Now, you may think that it’s just a bag so why go through the hassle of asking recommendations, reading reviews, and comparing prices. Well, it’s your hard-earned money you’re spending so it’s only right that you spend it well on buying a quality bag from a reputable online bag shop.

Types of Fashion Bags For Women

bags Singapore

Being a woman entitles you to a privilege of owning as many bags as you’d wish without the need for excuses! We are certain that every girl comes to a point when her closet is filled to the brim with the most fashionable finds. However, a woman should invest in quality, long-lasting classic pieces that can be used for a variety of daily occasions. What are these pieces? Let’s find out.


  1. The Crossbody

With its modest size and a comfortable strap designed to hug your body without wearing it down, the crossbody is an awesome bag for your daily commute, hands-free shopping, coffee dates, and errand days. It’s very fashionable without the bulk and the lankiness; it can take you from a full day to a social night.


  1. Day Clutch

Also called as the brunch bag, a day clutch is for those times when you want to be out only for a couple of hours, carrying immediate essentials such as keys, money, and mobile phone. Day clutches are more casual, and comes in materials such as leather, faux leather, or fabric.


  1. Tote Bag

A tote bag in Singapore is also known as a ‘shopper.’ It’s a medium or large-sized bag with double handles and an open main compartment. The style could range from as casual as a reusable shopping bag, to those branded leather bags in Singapore streets. A tote bag can comfortably fit the complete package of women’s essentials: from the whole make-up pouch, to a wallet, handheld devices, and even a water bottle and umbrella. For work, opt for a more structured tote bag to bring character and formality into your everyday work ensemble.


  1. The Weekender Bag

Considered as the carry-everything bag, every woman should have a weekend bag in her closet. It’s for spur-of-the-moment holiday trips, for a slumber party at a friend’s place, for a fashionable carry-on which can fit travel essentials and perfectly sized to fit under the plane seat. It could also be used as a gym bag or a diaper bag—in the chicest way ever. Weekender handbags in Singapore come in the most fashionable colours, styles, and textures, and surely, there is that one bag that would fit your personality and lifestyle.


  1. The Evening Clutch

The more formal sister of day clutch, the evening clutch embodies glamorous elements that serve as an accessory for evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and other formal event wear. Go for one or two basic colours such as black and greyish-brown hues and you won’t have any problem matching it with all your formal outfits.


  1. Messenger Bag

The opposite of feminine bags, messenger bags have a bit of a manly edge to it, usually in square or a rectangle with a flap in front to close. The roomy and flat interior could carry a laptop, wireless devices, and even documents, aside from the daily essentials. When you want a fuss-free casual bag, the messenger bag is your best bet. It looks chic enough as it lies across or on the side of the body, but not as bulky as a backpack.


Handbags are such an essential aspect of a woman’s daily life, that most feel bare without it. It is exciting to see the creativity behind bag designs that continuously evolve to give solutions to women’s daily needs, with a dash of style. There are so many bags available in the market today but these mentioned are the foolproof closet staples to match every occasion in a woman’s life.