Epic Events To Watch Out For The Whole Year

After a loud, boisterous and epic New Year’s Eve followed by a fiery and scathingly hot scorcher for a Valentine’s Night, party animals are looking forward to the next big bash because these extreme extroverts feel empty, hollow and miserable inside when they are not surrounded by the writhing and gyrating bodies of people lost in the ecstasy of celebration and pure bliss. These social creatures roam the streets and scour the newsfeeds on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts so that they can be in the thick of things and bask in the limelight as they attend major events that mark their social calendars.

And that is why business owners who offer event furniture rental products and special services are making a killing especially when they partner up and lie in bed with catering companies because people want to throw the grandest and most extravagant party to impress their circles of friends and family. For those who want to be famous and known far and wide as the best host who throw wild parties for the ages, here are some of the most important events that they should closely consider pimping up in order to increase their stock and street cred.

First Day of Spring Break

                Even the most seasoned rent furniture managers are a bit on the edge of their seats and biting their nails in agitation when rowdy and hormonally charged college students are unfettered, unchained and let of their leashes to enjoy spring break. Because of their constant and heightened state of inebriation, these drunk youngsters often cause damage and destruction everywhere and anywhere they go. And that is why event organizers would do well to hire bouncers to keep the peace as well as use waterproof and sturdy furniture for their events to avoid nasty stains and breakage.

Making a Big Boom on the Fourth of July

                The Fourth of July is a very honest holiday in the sense that you do not need a new gimmick to get people together because Independence Day is rooted deep inside their hearts and souls. Just a few pairs of lawn chairs and some tables with attachable, oversized parasols can get the party ready. Add in a sizzling grill cooking up some righteous chops, steaks and burger patties and the party will keep on going into the night as the fireworks light up the sky.

Saint Patrick’s Day

                Just like with the wild bunch of drunks on Spring Break, dealing with the deeply inebriated patrons of Saint Patrick can be a really sketchy one because the ante is doubled down thanks to the hot, Irish blood added into the volatile mix of things. But just like the expert rental furniture moguls from Singapore and Thailand always do when things are escalating from worse to worst, event organizers should keenly observe and put out fires before they grow into a raging and destructive inferno.

High on the Halloween Hiatus

                Halloween is not just about kids anymore because more and more adults are getting in on the game and they are having the time of their life. Setting aside a table full of candies and treats for the cute kids in costumes is a must but on this night, anything goes and the older tykes also have a lot of fun after dark.